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Ashtrays&Napkin Cases

Τασάκι Αντιανεμικό Μελαμίνης Μαύρο (πακέτο με 14)
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Brand: Tablecraft Model: 11511
Ideal for outdoor areas such as pub gardens and smoking areas, the Windproof Square Melamine Ashtray in black offers a practical and durable design. The weighted base and lid ensures this ashtray can be used outdoors in windy weather. Product Features: • Ashtray with lid • Windproof d..
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Τασάκι Κλασσικό Γυάλινο 14.4εκ.
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Brand: Ravenhead Model: 7266
Ideal for use on outdoor tables at cafes, restaurants and pubs, the classic Glass Ashtray is also suitable for use at home. With 4 notches, these large ashtrays are perfect for multiple people, and of course are great for keeping mess at a minimum. Product Features: • Classic ashtray &bull..
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Τασάκι Κλασσικό Μελαμίνης Μαύρο.
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Brand: Tablecraft Model: 6881
Ideal for use at home, or in a pub garden, the Melamine Ashtray is an essential piece of party paraphernalia that will save your surfaces from discarded ash. The 3 notches around the bowl allow you to enjoy the outside with your friends, perhaps with a beer in hand, making this ashtray an ideal a..
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Χαρτοπετσέτες Κοκτέιλ Λευκές
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Brand: Swantex Model: 5916
Make sure your furniture stays clean when you have guests round. These classic napkins are ideal for parties, picnics, barbecues or bars and will fit standard size bar caddies. These Swantex napkins are practical and look professional.   Product Features: • Paper cocktail napkins ..
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Ψηλό Τασάκι 73cm από Ατσάλι Εξωτερικού Χώρου Μανιτάρι Γκρι Ψηλό Τασάκι 73cm από Ατσάλι Εξωτερικού Χώρου Μανιτάρι Γκρι
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Brand: IBEBY Model: GTAS
Impressive ashtray for outdoor use, tall, from steel material, standing independently and has handle for easy cleaning.Made in Italy    Product Features:   - Ashtray Tall   - Material: Steel   -Grey  Colour   -Suitable for outdoor use ..
Ex Tax:138.00€
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