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Cocktail Set Με Βιβλίο Συνταγών Cocktail Set Με Βιβλίο Συνταγών
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Model: 10438
No party is complete without cocktails, which is why the Drinkstuff Cocktail Set from bar@drinkstuff has been specially compiled by our cocktail buffs so you have all the essentials you need to mix up a variety of cocktails and deal with any drink request! This exclusive set contains the 100 Cock..
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Cocktail Shaker Σετ με Βιβλίο Συνταγών Cocktail Shaker Σετ με Βιβλίο Συνταγών
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Brand: Barwise Model: 8020
Kick your cocktail making career into gear with the bar@drinkstuff Basic Cocktail Shaker Set with Cocktail Book! Remember, it's not the size of your set that matters, it's what you do with it that counts! Containing the perfect cocktail accessories to help you start mixing up some wonders, t..
Ex Tax:17.34€
Cocktail Σετ με Βιβλίο Cocktail Συνταγών Cocktail Σετ με Βιβλίο Cocktail Συνταγών
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Brand: Barwise Model: 10967
There's more to cocktails than overpriced martinis at the bar, why not make your own with the Home Cocktail Set with Cocktail Book? Perfect for any beginner, this set contains everything you need to start mixing up professional looking Margaritas and Daiquiris for party guests in no time. Pac..
Ex Tax:27.12€
Gin Kit με Κολονάτα Ποτήρια Gin Kit με Κολονάτα Ποτήρια
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Brand: Barwise Model: 17995
The Home Gin Making Kit with City Gin Balloon Glasses allow you to turn premium vodka into the finest homemade gin! With everything you need to make and serve, this gin making kit is the perfect head start. With the popularity of gin on the rise, you can create gin based cocktails tailored to you..
Ex Tax:47.97€
Manhattan Cocktail Shaker Σετ Manhattan Cocktail Shaker Σετ
In Stock
Brand: Barwise Model: 9913
Creating fabulous tasting cocktails doesn't have to be a complicated process. The Manhattan Cocktail Shaker Set from bar@drinkstuff makes things simple so you can have fun making cocktails at home with friends. The perfect bit of kit for any budding cocktail mixologist, this set contains everyth..
Ex Tax:37.00€
Mojito Cocktail Σετ Mojito Cocktail Σετ
In Stock
Brand: Barwise Model: 6040
When you think of a Mojito Cocktail your thoughts may drift off to a gorgeous hot beach from your holidays, sipping the ice cold drink while overlooking the sea. While we can't promise you hot weather or stunning scenery, you can still enjoy the refreshing taste of a Mojito at home. Bring the ta..
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Αναδευτήρες Τριγωνικοί Διάφανοι 18,5εκ - Πακέτο με 100 Αναδευτήρες Τριγωνικοί Διάφανοι 18,5εκ - Πακέτο με 100
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Brand: Barwise Model: 6315
Using a prism as a drink stirrer probably isn't what Issac Newton had in mind when he was conducting his light experiments. These Prism Stirstics not only reflect light and colours beautifully, but give your drink a much needed stir. They are ideal for accessorising cocktails with other vibrant ..
Ex Tax:38.40€
Ανοιχτήρι Μπουκαλιών Flairco με Μαγνητικό Στήριγμα Ζώνης
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Model: 5304
When practicing your flair bartending skills, the last thing you need is a below par bottle opener slowing you down. If you're going to impress people with your exciting, speedy juggling expertise, you need the right tools for the job. The official Flairco Bar Blade is the only bottle opener you..
Ex Tax:26.84€
Ανοξείδωτος χάλυβας λεμονιού
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Model: 6410
If you've ever tried squeezing a lemon by hand, you've probably been disappointed by the pitiful amount of juice that comes out. Chances are you've gone through a stack of lemons before you've got enough for your homemade lemonade. The Stainless Steel Lemon Reamer is a useful tool..
Ex Tax:16.92€
Απόλυτο Cocktail Σετ Απόλυτο Cocktail Σετ
Out Of Stock
Brand: Barwise Model: 13194
You'll soon be mixing and shaking cocktail like a pro with the Barman's Barware Kit from bar@drinkstuff. A perfect kit for beginners and keen bartenders, this gift set is stylishly presented in a gift box tube. Containing a range of professional quality equipment, including a Professional Bo..
Ex Tax:46.89€
Επαγγελματικό Shaker από Ανοξείδωτο Ατσάλι 570ml Επαγγελματικό Shaker από Ανοξείδωτο Ατσάλι 570ml
Out Of Stock
Model: 5504
The French Cocktail Shaker from bar@drinkstuff gives you the chance to mix up 20oz of your favourite cocktail mixture in style! This 2-piece shaker is made from stainless steel, and consists of a standard shaker tin, but instead of a usual glass, the tin is accompanied by a tulip shaped second tin. ..
Ex Tax:11.36€
Κρέμα καρύδας Coco Lopez Κρέμα καρύδας Coco Lopez
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Brand: Coco Lopez Model: 88
Coco Lopez is the Real Cream of Coconut from fresh, sun-ripened Caribbean coconuts! The essential ingredient for Piña Coladas and Coconut Daiquiris, Coco Lopez Coconut Cream is a quintessential tool in an amateur barman's arsenal!   Product Features: • Real cream of cocon..
Ex Tax:7.20€
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