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24 Σφηνάκια Test Tubes με ειδική βάση
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Model: 12514
Unleash your inner scientist and get experimenting with this 24 Hole Test Tube Rack with Test Tube Shots. Giving your drinks service a unique touch, this set is perfect for getting creative with molecular shots or simply giving a novelty twist to classic shooters...
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Brandy Pipe Brandy Pipe
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Model: 9127
To help you fully experience and appreciate the flavours of your favourite liqueur, the Brandy Pipe from the bar@drinkstuff range offers a long sipping stem that is gently warmed by your hand as you hold this delicate glass to help release hidden aromas and flavours. Presented in a foam lined gif..
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Frutta Γυάλινα Ποτήρια 200ml
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Brand: LAV Model: 22322
These Frutta Tumblers are the perfect size for serving juices and water at the table and are the ideal accessory for breakfast service. Featuring a lipped rim and an embossed fruit pattern, these hiball tumblers are perfect for adding a summery feel to your drink presentation. With soda lime glas..
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Mini Μπουκάλι Γάλακτος 200ml με καπάκι Mini Μπουκάλι Γάλακτος 200ml με καπάκι
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Model: 18239
The Mini Milk Bottles with Lids provide a retro infused way to serve almost any cold drinks. Perfect for milkshakes, milk, juice or cocktails, these vintage milk bottles feature a metal lid for a realistic touch of nostalgia. Keeping drinks fresher for longer, these mini bottles with lids bring a..
Ex Tax:2.10€
Romantic Ποτήρια Νερού 325ml Romantic Ποτήρια Νερού 325ml
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Brand: Luigi Bormioli Model: 19384K
These Romantic Water Glasses from Bormioli Rocco have an eye catching vintage, embossed pattern and are perfect for a number of beverages such as; water, juices, soft drinks or even cocktails. With their easy to hold, ergonomic design they are the embodiment of Bormioli Rocco's crafts..
Ex Tax:2.40€
Vintage Βαζάκι Kilner με Αεροστεγές Καπάκι 500ml Vintage Βαζάκι Kilner με Αεροστεγές Καπάκι 500ml
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Brand: Kilner Model: 10831
Open a standard jam jar and you'll find the contents soon loose their freshness. The Kilner Preserving Jar is specially designed to prolong freshness with its unique vacuum seal lid design. This makes it ideal for preserving freshly homemade jams, jellies, spreads and preserves. Product Featu..
Ex Tax:4.30€
Vintage Βαζάκι Kilner με Αεροστεγές Μπλε Καπάκι 43ml Vintage Βαζάκι Kilner με Αεροστεγές Μπλε Καπάκι 43ml
Brand: Kilner Model: 12606
Kilner Round Twist Top Jars are high quality, durable and versatile for preserving and storing. The 43ml is the smallest sealable jar from this range. It is ideal for preserving jams, sauces, relishes and condiments, it can also be used for storing herbs and spices. Each jar comes with a blue gingha..
Ex Tax:2.85€
Wine Sippers 80ml -σετ με 2 Wine Sippers 80ml -σετ με 2
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Model: 6065
The original Port Sipper was made in the shape of a cigar pipe out of ceramic back in the late 1700s. Today Port Sippers are made out of glass which brings out the natural and full flavour of the Port so you can enjoy it at its best. A great addition to your glassware collection, whether y..
Ex Tax:12.24€
Βαζάκι Cocktail - Κουκουβάγια με Καπάκι και Καλαμάκι 500ml Βαζάκι Cocktail - Κουκουβάγια με Καπάκι και Καλαμάκι 500ml
In Stock
Model: 14979
The Owl Drinking Jar with Lid and Straw adds a novelty theme to serving summer style drinks. Suitable for all year round, these Mason jars keeps your beverages fresh and free from unwanted pests. With a convenient screw top lid, these jam jar glasses are perfect for parties, BBQs or for using outdoo..
Ex Tax:7.90€
Βαζάκι με Λαβή για Μπύρα ή Cocktail 510ml Βαζάκι με Λαβή για Μπύρα ή Cocktail 510ml
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Model: 14837
The Drinking Jar With Grip is the ultimate way to keep up with the new serving trend. With an embossed finger grip design, these mason drinking jars are perfect for holding on to. The comfortable style of these jam jar glasses offers a unique way to serve home brew, ice tea or cocktails. Product ..
Ex Tax:3.60€
Γυάλινα ποτήρια με φινίρισμα καθρέπτη 500ml (πακέτο με 6) Γυάλινα ποτήρια με φινίρισμα καθρέπτη 500ml (πακέτο με 6)
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Brand: Artis Model: 23623
With an exquisite mirror finish and textured design, the Precious Glass Double Old Fashioned Tumblers are perfect for showcasing your cocktails, such as a classic whisky Old Fashioned.  Constructed from completely dishwasher safe Luigi Bormioli glass, this is ideal for commercial settings. Per..
Ex Tax:109.00€
Γυάλινο Yard of Ale με Πολυτελή Ξύλινη Βάση Τοίχου 1.7lt Γυάλινο Yard of Ale με Πολυτελή Ξύλινη Βάση Τοίχου 1.7lt
Out Of Stock
Model: 126
It's no surprise that downing the fabled yard of ale has become a world renowned pub pastime - the challenge is one that proves your prowess among your mates, and even gets the attention of a few ladies! Whether you need to practice your skills at home, or need to stock up your bar with some glasses..
Ex Tax:99.50€
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