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Beer Pong Set με Διάφανα Ποτήρια Beer Pong Set με Διάφανα Ποτήρια
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Model: 5451
Woop! Yeah! Woo! These are the sort of noises you will usually hear coming from an American university 'frat house' stacked to the rafters with students and alcohol! As well as noisy exclamations of excitement, you will probably find people playing the new game, Beer Pong! The latest craz..
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Dispenser Μπύρας & Cocktail Πλάτης 3lt Dispenser Μπύρας & Cocktail Πλάτης 3lt
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Model: 5861
Parties are rarely rated with the term "legendary"; more often than not the host will have to pull off something extraordinary to excite the guests into such a fever that they will be talking about that fabled night for weeks to come! If you're looking to host a party or event that ..
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Τραπέζι Beer Pong 2.5 Μέτρων Τραπέζι Beer Pong 2.5 Μέτρων
Model: 10329
Party like an all-American frat college student with the glow in the dark Beer Pong Table! This brilliantly simple game has made its way across the pond and now you can play with your friends. The rules are simple; set up a triangle of cups at both ends and attempt to bounce your ball into your oppo..
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Beer Bong 1.2 μέτρα
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Model: 9979
Το απόλυτο  αξεσουάρ για πάρτι είναι εδώ. Ειδικά τα φοιτητι&k..
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Κράνος για Μπύρες Κράνος για Μπύρες
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Model: 3
It's a well-known and world-acknowledged fact that alcohol is a very good thing. It helps us to sing, to be creative, to lose our inhibitions and brings people together. What better invention can there be? There is only one real downside – the fact that we need to carry it around, in be..
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Στρατιωτική Ζώνη με Σφηνάκια Στρατιωτική Ζώνη με Σφηνάκια
Model: 9144
To make your party go off with a bang, the Shot Bandolier Belt helps you relive your childhood as cowboy! Slip on this bandolier belt and load it up with the plastic shot cups perfectly shaped like a chunky bullet. Each shot cup has a lid to seal your liqueur away ready to dish out to other members ..
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Πλαστικό Yard of Ale 42 εκ. με Καλαμάκι 680ml Πλαστικό Yard of Ale 42 εκ. με Καλαμάκι 680ml
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Model: 51
Drink half a yard of ale in one that's a party trick! Made from break-resistant plastic, this Plastic Half Yard of Ale can be used over and over again until you can't drink any more! Gather your friends, set the clock and let the games begin! Challenge your mates to see who can do..
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Πλαστικό Yard of Ale 92 εκ. με Καλαμάκι 1.4lt Πλαστικό Yard of Ale 92 εκ. με Καλαμάκι 1.4lt
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Model: 10243
As men, it's natural that we enjoy a challenge every now and then; something to test us and prove our masculinity. So, what better way to prove your mettle than by attempting to down the classic Yard of Ale? This reusable plastic glass lets you swig on an impressive 3ft of ale without the fear o..
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