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Ice Crushers

Ηλεκτρική Παγομηχανή ταχείας παραγωγής πάγου
Model: 17366
Producing 12kg of ice in 24 hours, the Ice Appliance Super Fast Ice Maker is ideal for parties where chilled drinks are in demand. With a sleek stainless steel finish, this domestic ice maker removes the need to wait overnight for your ice trays to make cubes and offers up to 9 classic ..
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Παγοθραύστης με επικάλυψη Χρωμίου Παγοθραύστης με επικάλυψη Χρωμίου
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Model: 9223
Sleek and practical, the Chrome Plated Ice Crusher from bar@drinkstuff offers a stylish addition to any bar top. Its stainless steel teeth effortlessly crush ice for your cocktail, slush drink or chilled food platter. With a chrome plated dome lid, this crusher offers an curved and elegant design. ..
Ex Tax:24.80€
Παγοθραύστης με επικάλυψη Χρωμίου Μεγάλος Παγοθραύστης με επικάλυψη Χρωμίου Μεγάλος
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Model: 70
Create perfect crushed ice with the Chrome Ice Crusher. Perfect for cocktail parties or your home bar, this manual rotary ice crusher can produce a quart of fine or coarse crushed ice in less than a minute. Ideal for making frozen margaritas and daiquiris, this crusher also includes a plastic tray a..
Ex Tax:43.10€
Παγοθραύστης Πλαστικός Άσπρος Παγοθραύστης Πλαστικός Άσπρος
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Model: 72
There are ways to reduce big, chunky ice cubes to the perfect consistency for cocktails, and thie White Plastic Ice Crusher is one of them! Simply twist the handle and the metal teeth will give you plenty of ice shards for your drinks. Product Features: • Manual ice crusher • White pl..
Ex Tax:13.85€
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