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Ice Cream & Milkshake

Banana Split Πιάτο Παγωτού Banana Split Πιάτο Παγωτού
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Brand: Barwise Model: 15274
The Banana Split Ice Cream Dish provides the perfect home for ice cream and other cold desserts. With a classic, traditional design, this banana split boat gives plenty of space for mounds of sweet treats! A glass dessert bowl is the ultimate in elegant ice cream presentation. The long, narrow de..
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Milkshake Ποτήρι 340ml Milkshake Ποτήρι 340ml
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Brand: Barwise Model: 7592
Whether you're sipping on a coke float or a strawberry milkshake, this Milkshake Soda Glass will take you take you back to the era of retro diners and high quiffs. This tall glass features a sturdy base and a classic ribbed design that's perfect for milkshakes, soft drinks and smoothies. ..
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Γυάλινο Δοχείο Παγωτού/Τούρτας 3.6ltr Γυάλινο Δοχείο Παγωτού/Τούρτας 3.6ltr
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Brand: Ravenhead Model: 15707
Made from high quality glass and hand blown using tradition techniques, this footed trifle bowl is perfect for serving colourful trifle, ice cream or desserts. This glass trifle bowl also makes a beautiful centre piece. Product Features: • Footed trifle bowl • Material: Soda-lime glas..
Ex Tax:22.40€
Μπολ Σερβιρίσματος Παγωτού με Κλίση Bubble Sundae 130ml Μπολ Σερβιρίσματος Παγωτού με Κλίση Bubble Sundae 130ml
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Brand: La Rochère Model: 5837
The unusual, slanted design of the Bubble Sundae Dish makes it stand out from your other normal bowls, and immediately gives it the status of the perfect ice cream bowl! You certainly wouldn't serve breakfast in the Bubble, and it's not made for apple pie, the Bubble is solely designed for s..
Ex Tax:6.65€
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