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 Κούπες Latte Πορσελάνινες λευκές Genware 340ml -σετ 6άδα  Κούπες Latte Πορσελάνινες λευκές Genware 340ml -σετ 6άδα
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Brand: Genware Model: 5408
Caffeine is a staple part of most people's morning diet, and coffee is perhaps the most popular drink in the country! It always helps if you've got a favourite mug to gulp down your morning dose, and the Royal Genware Latte Mugs are a strong contender to becoming your new favourite friend! ..
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Aria Σετ μαχαιροπήρουνων 24 τεμαχίων της Elia
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Brand: Elia Model: 5090
With a delicate design offering a highly polished great looking mirror finish, the Aria Cutlery Set is perfect for any table setting. Made from high quality stainless steel, this set features an elegant and timeless style, with long angled handles for a contemporary look. Product Features..
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Καφετιέρα Γαλλικού Καφέ 300ml Καφετιέρα Γαλλικού Καφέ 300ml
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Brand: Genware Model: 5403
Coffee is a staple part of most peoples' morning routine. You can physically wake up, but unfortunately your mind needs a bit more of a push before it can function properly! The best way to get those brain cells working it a nice hot cup of coffee - it will give you the caffeine rush that you ne..
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Κουτί Τσαγιού 8 Χωρισμάτων
2-3 Days
Model: 0339R
Polycarbonate tea box with 8 cases, removable dividers External dimensions: 27.7 x 18x8.5 cm Dimensions of each case: 6.5 x 7.5 cm..
Ex Tax:25.00€
Πολυτελείς Πορσελάνινες Κούπες καφέ και τσάι Elia Miravell 280ml -σετ 6άδα
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Brand: Elia Model: 5431
A decent set of mugs is essential for every home or work place. These slim, elegant bone china mugs are ideal for any beverage, whether you prefer an English breakfast tea, an Irish coffee, a milky hot chocolate or a calming herbal tea. The simple, yet graceful design makes these mugs ideal for a..
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Πολυτελής Ανοξείδωτη Κανάτα Elia Deluxe Θερμός με διπλό τοίχωμα JFD 1ltr
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Brand: Elia Model: 5651
The Elia Deluxe Shatterproof Thermal Jug offers a stylish and practical design, with an easy-open lever-style lid and elegant spout. It's ideal for table service of tea, coffee and other beverages, with its double-wall vacuum keeping beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours. Product F..
Ex Tax:90.45€
Πολυτελής Ανοξείδωτη Κανάτα Elia σε σχήμα κάψουλας με εφέ καθρέφτη 1ltr
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Brand: Elia Model: 5649
Designed by Nick Holland, these futuristic styled beverage jugs are manufactured to an exacting high specification. Incorporating a tough, scratch-resistant chrome-plated finish on a strong metal body. Featuring a press open/close lever to facilitate a smooth accurate pouring flow. Details ..
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Πολυτελής Ανοξείδωτη Κανάτα Elia χαραγμένη ένδειξη COFFEE 1.9ltr
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Brand: Elia Model: 5650
The Elia Shatterproof Vacuum Jug is clearly labelled 'coffee' to avoid confusion. This 1.9 litre jug is finished with an 18/8 stainless steel body and an easy pour press down stopper. Compact and lightweight, made extra strong for lasting service makes this ideal for use in the home, part..
Ex Tax:70.88€
Πολυτελής Ανοξείδωτη Κανάτα Θερμός Elia Slimline 1ltr
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Brand: Elia Model: 5647
This Elia Slimline Thermal Jug offers superb thermal efficiency and comes with an easy pour press down stopper - simply press down on the lever with your thumb to open the top for pouring and release again to seal the jug. Finished in a highly polished 18/10 stainless steel, the Elia Slimline The..
Ex Tax:100.80€
Πολυτελής Κανάτα Θερμός Elia λευκή πρωτότυπη σε σχήμα αυγού 1ltr
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Brand: Elia Model: 5317
With its interesting egg shape and attractive high gloss finish, the Elia Thermal Egg Jug is perfect for a contemporary table setting. Suitable for hotel breakfast service, office meetings or the home, this glass vacuum lined jug will keep beverages hot for up to 12 hours. Easy to use, the Egg Jug h..
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Πορσελάνινα Φλιτζάνια και Πιατάκια Εσπρέσο Genware  90ml -σετ 6άδα
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Brand: Genware Model: 5407
Royal Genware Espresso Cups & Saucers feature a pure white porcelain which offers an extremely elegant and timeless design to compliment existing table-service equipment and table settings.  On a cold morning there's nothing better than a shot of espresso to wake you up and get you g..
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Πορσελάνινες Κούπες και Πιατάκια Ροφημάτων Genware 200ml -σετ 6άδα Πορσελάνινες Κούπες και Πιατάκια Ροφημάτων Genware 200ml -σετ 6άδα
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Brand: Genware Model: 5406
With a morning cup of coffee being such an important part of your daily routine, it is essential that you choose the correct piece of crockery to help you into the land of the lucid! The Stacking Cups from the ever trusted Royal Genware range are the ideal no nonsense cup and saucer set to add to..
Ex Tax:37.54€
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