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Πιατέλα αλουμινίου 35εκ.
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Brand: Barwise Model: 131
When your posh dinner party arrives you need to show people that you know what you're doing, even if you don't! Not only does food need to be made to perfection, it also has to be presented to the highest level. Platters are the simple answer. A large plate filled with an attractive displ..
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Χάρτινα πιάτα λευκά 15εκ Χάρτινα πιάτα λευκά 15εκ
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Model: 132
Why on earth would you use your fine china for a barbecue? And where on earth would you get so many plates for all your friends? Imagine all the breakages! The simple answer is Paper Plates! One of the most used products in the world, the Paper Plate is so simple it's known by everyone! Ideal fo..
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Χαρτοπετσέτες Κοκτέιλ Μαύρες
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Brand: Swantex Model: 5268
Make sure your furniture stays clean when you have guests round. These classic black napkins are ideal for parties, barbecues or bars and will fit standard size bar caddies. These Swantex napkins are practical and look professional.   Dimensions: • Width: 250mm • Length: 250mm..
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