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Τασάκι Castle Μελαμίνης Κόκκινο

Τασάκι Castle Μελαμίνης Κόκκινο
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Τασάκι Castle Μελαμίνης Κόκκινο
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Ideal for use at home, or in a pub garden, the Melamine Ashtray is an essential piece of party paraphernalia that will save your surfaces from discarded ash. To make sure your guests realise you have a fiery side, this ashtray is moulded from red melamine, giving it a bold and exciting aesthetic.

The 8 notches around the bowl allow you to enjoy the outside with your friends, perhaps with a beer in hand, making this ashtray an ideal accessory for a garden party or barbeque!

Product Features:
• Plastic ashtray
• Red moulded melamine
• 8 notches for cigarettes

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