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Vintage Βαζάκι Kilner με Αεροστεγές Καπάκι 500ml Vintage Βαζάκι Kilner με Αεροστεγές Καπάκι 500ml
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Brand: Kilner Model: 10831
Open a standard jam jar and you'll find the contents soon loose their freshness. The Kilner Preserving Jar is specially designed to prolong freshness with its unique vacuum seal lid design. This makes it ideal for preserving freshly homemade jams, jellies, spreads and preserves. Product Featu..
Ex Tax:4.30€
Βαζάκι Cocktail - Κουκουβάγια με Καπάκι και Καλαμάκι 500ml Βαζάκι Cocktail - Κουκουβάγια με Καπάκι και Καλαμάκι 500ml
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Model: 14979
The Owl Drinking Jar with Lid and Straw adds a novelty theme to serving summer style drinks. Suitable for all year round, these Mason jars keeps your beverages fresh and free from unwanted pests. With a convenient screw top lid, these jam jar glasses are perfect for parties, BBQs or for using outdoo..
Ex Tax:7.90€
Βαζάκι με Λαβή για Μπύρα ή Cocktail 510ml Βαζάκι με Λαβή για Μπύρα ή Cocktail 510ml
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Model: 14837
The Drinking Jar With Grip is the ultimate way to keep up with the new serving trend. With an embossed finger grip design, these mason drinking jars are perfect for holding on to. The comfortable style of these jam jar glasses offers a unique way to serve home brew, ice tea or cocktails. Product ..
Ex Tax:3.60€
Γυάλα για Cocktail Γυάλινη 2.6lt Γυάλα για Cocktail Γυάλινη 2.6lt
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Model: 6534
If you're a fan of oversized drinkware, this Glass Cocktail Fish Bowl from is the perfect addition to your party glassware collection. Despite the name, we'd recommend you fill it with a tropical cocktail, rather than a tropical fish! You can still attempt to create a colo..
Ex Tax:15.50€
Γυάλα για Cocktail Μαύρη 3lt Γυάλα για Cocktail Μαύρη 3lt
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Model: 10179
If you're hosting a party you're going to need something more than a few old tumblers to serve your cocktail creations in. So why not serve up something unique with the Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl in black?  Perfect for adding an air of mystery to your cocktail, this bowl is ideal for..
Ex Tax:6.90€
Γυάλινο Ποτήρι Tiki 570ml Γυάλινο Ποτήρι Tiki 570ml
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Model: 19832R
Enjoy the perfect Blue Lagoon with these novelty tiki glasses, with a traditional tiki head design embossed onto the front of the glass. Perfect for creating a tropical feel to every drink you serve, these tiki glasses are the ideal choice for Hawaiian or tiki themed parties and cocktail bars. ..
Ex Tax:4.66€
Κεραμικό Ποτήρι Tiki Πράσινο 300ml Κεραμικό Ποτήρι Tiki Πράσινο 300ml
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Model: 14247
With a Ceramic Green Tiki Mug, you can serve up Hawaiian style cocktails at your luau or tiki themed party. The hand-crafted design and quirky style make this angry tiki face very lovable. With enough space for a generous sized cocktail, all you need is rum and a straw! Please Note: These ce..
Ex Tax:6.90€
Κεραμικό Χειροποίητο Ποτήρι Tiki Μπλε 450ml Κεραμικό Χειροποίητο Ποτήρι Tiki Μπλε 450ml
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Brand: Barwise Model: 12645
Give your party a tropical feel with this Duece Tiki Mug, the perfect addition to your Tiki drinkware collection. Featuring a pair of tiki faces, this hand crafted and hand painted 16oz ceramic mug is ideal for serving up some Hawaiian inspired cocktails. Please Note: These ceramic Tiki Mugs..
Ex Tax:9.50€
Παραδοσιακό Μπουκάλι Γάλακτος Mini 150ml Παραδοσιακό Μπουκάλι Γάλακτος Mini 150ml
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Model: 14082
These cute Mini Milk Bottles make a novel way to serve cold drinks such as cocktails, milkshakes or plain milk. A great choice for parties, these bottles also offer a unique way to serve milk with hot beverages, alternatively these bottles could be filled with sweets for wedding favours or used as a..
Ex Tax:2.00€
Ποτήρι Coctail Liberty σκληρό πλαστικό Polycarbonate 390ml (πακέτο με 24)
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Brand: Utopia Model: 20127
Perfect for serving a variety of cocktails and cold drinks, these Liberty Cocktail Glasses are made from a robust polycarbonate material. Their polycarbonate material provides durability and eliminates the risk of dangerous broken glass making them perfect for use at outdoor events such as BBQs a..
Ex Tax:226.21€
Ποτήρι Martini Bistro 190ml Ποτήρι Martini Bistro 190ml
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Brand: Pasabahce Model: 10544
Enjoy a classic martini or funky cosmopolitan with the Bistro Martini Glasses. Offering a 19cl capacity, this short stemmed glass is perfect for bars, pubs and restaurants wanting a practical and elegant cocktail glass. Product Features: • Stemmed martini glass • Perfect for martini a..
Ex Tax:3.60€
Ποτήρι Martini Bravura 200ml Ποτήρι Martini Bravura 200ml
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Brand: Libbey Model: 5826
The cheeky uniqueness of the Bravura Martini Glass is immediately evident, with its curved stem standing out from the usual crowd of straight stemware. Manufactured by American glassware house, Libbey, the Bravura is certain to be the talking point of any cocktail party. As the name would suggest..
Ex Tax:13.30€
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