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Hobnobs Γυάλινα Ποτήρια Σετ των 12 (6+6) Hobnobs Γυάλινα Ποτήρια Σετ των 12 (6+6)
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Brand: Ravenhead Model: 7888
The Hobnobs range of glassware encompasses a practical, durable and fun design, making them ideal for families  and those that love to entertain. Ideal for everyday use, this great value set offers both the Hobnobs hiball glasses  and the Hobnobs old fashioned glasses, perfect for an..
Ex Tax:17.50€
Γυάλινο Δοχείο Παγωτού/Τούρτας 3.6ltr Γυάλινο Δοχείο Παγωτού/Τούρτας 3.6ltr
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Brand: Ravenhead Model: 15707
Made from high quality glass and hand blown using tradition techniques, this footed trifle bowl is perfect for serving colourful trifle, ice cream or desserts. This glass trifle bowl also makes a beautiful centre piece. Product Features: • Footed trifle bowl • Material: Soda-lime glas..
Ex Tax:22.40€
Ποτήρι Σαμπάνιας Ravenhead Flutes 210ml Ποτήρι Σαμπάνιας Ravenhead Flutes 210ml
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Brand: Ravenhead Model: 12361
Elegantly simple, the Ravenhead Bouquet Champagne Flutes are perfect for celebrations and special occasions. Offering excellent transparency and a practical design, these tall 21cl flutes are ideal for serving your favourite bubbly. Product Features: • Champagne flute glass • Mate..
Ex Tax:4.60€
Τασάκι Αντιανεμικό από Ανοξείδωτο Ατσάλι
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Brand: Ravenhead Model: 6904
Never worry about your garden getting littered with ash and cigarette butts, the Windproof Ashtray keeps everything stored away for easy disposal. Ideal for pub gardens, or even for use at home, this compact ashtray proves indispensable for those keen on a sneaky cigarette! Product Features: &bu..
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Τασάκι Κλασσικό Γυάλινο 14.4εκ.
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Brand: Ravenhead Model: 7266
Ideal for use on outdoor tables at cafes, restaurants and pubs, the classic Glass Ashtray is also suitable for use at home. With 4 notches, these large ashtrays are perfect for multiple people, and of course are great for keeping mess at a minimum. Product Features: • Classic ashtray &bull..
Ex Tax:4.00€
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