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Gadget αναπνοής κρασιού - Air Au Vin
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Brand: Barwise Model: 16
Using a simple spring mechanism, the gadget gently bubbles air through the wine releasing its full bouquet and flavour. Made from a solid black plastic with gold painted 'AIR AU VIN' decoration. You may have forgotten to let your wine breathe or need to open another if you have guests to..
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Ανοιχτήρι, Τιρμπουσόν Χρωμίου
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Model: 6514
A great design which has become a classic style of corkscrew, the Chrome Wing Corkscrew is well known and commonly used by bars and restaurants alike for the simplicity and ease of use. It is a very efficient little gadget which will have that cork out and the all important wine flowing in no time. ..
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Ανοιχτήρι, Τιρμπουσόν,Λεπίδα - Waiter's Friend Ανοιχτήρι, Τιρμπουσόν,Λεπίδα - Waiter's Friend
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Model: 336
For those days when you feel like you're juggling more than you can carry, this multipurpose Soft Grip Waiters Friend is just what you need. Forget using a separate foil cutter and corkscrew just to open a bottle of wine, as this does the job in one simple package. The soft grip gives this a ..
Ex Tax:3.05€
Ανοιχτήρι, Τιρμπουσόν,Λεπίδα - Waiter's Friend 2 Ανοιχτήρι, Τιρμπουσόν,Λεπίδα - Waiter's Friend 2
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Model: 1433
The Double Reach Waiters Friend's ingenious, double-hinged 2-step boot Lever helps lift the cork along a straight vertical line - no straining sideways against the bottle neck! Insert the spiral and seat the shorter notch of the boot lever on the bottle rim and lift the cork part way. Adjust ..
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Ανοξείδωτο ασφαλές στόμιο μπουκαλιού δίσκος
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Brand: Barwise Model: 14
Simply roll up the disc and place in the neck, forming a seal that will mean you will never spill a drop again. Pack Contains: 2 DropStop discs.   Product Features: • Simple wine pourer • Patented flexible material fits and bottle • Reusable • Reduces the chance..
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Κόπτης αλουμινοφύλλου φιάλης κρασιού
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Brand: Barcraft Model: 6516
Whether you have just got in from a long day or are throwing a party the last thing you want is your wine being tricky to get into! Before you even remove the cork you have to first get through that tricky foil covering the top, which is not always as easy to remove as you might hope! The Wine Bo..
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Τιρμπουσόν με Ξύλινο Χερούλι Τιρμπουσόν με Ξύλινο Χερούλι
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Model: 4578
This traditional use corkscrew offers the user a simple and effective method for cork removal. Its sturdy wood handle and strong steel screw make opening your favourite bottle of wine easy. Product Features: • Quick and easy way to open wine • Wooden handle with stainless steel screw ..
Ex Tax:5.25€
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