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 Γυάλινη Καράφα Υδρόγειος 1ltr  Γυάλινη Καράφα Υδρόγειος 1ltr
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Brand: Barwise Model: 20573
The perfect gift for any wine or spirit lover, this Globe Drinks Decanter comes complete with a glass cradle which allows the globe to fully spin. The impressive one litre capacity means it is more than capable of holding a full bottle of your favourite drink of choice, whether that be wine, whis..
Ex Tax:49.40€
Καράφα Γυάλινη Economy 0.5ltr Καράφα Γυάλινη Economy 0.5ltr
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Brand: Genware Model: 6203
The serving of guests is always going to be an important part of being a host. If your home seems to always be the hub for your friends, then the Economy Glass Carafes are the perfect solution to quickly serving up a variety of drinks for people to enjoy! These glass carafes are constructed from ..
Ex Tax:5.80€
Καράφα Γυάλινη Economy 1ltr Καράφα Γυάλινη Economy 1ltr
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Brand: Genware Model: 8120
For those that love to entertain, the Economy Glass Carafe will prove invaluable. Fill it with water or wine and bring it to the dinner table for the perfect finishing touch. This carafe combines a sturdy, robust design with an elegant fluted mouth and embossed grape design on base. Product Featu..
Ex Tax:8.00€
Καράφα Γυάλινη Village 1ltr Καράφα Γυάλινη Village 1ltr
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Brand: Pasabahce Model: 11752
The Village Carafe is the perfect accompaniment to your dinner table and can be used to serve up red and white wines, water or juice. With an elegantly shaped and stylish design this carafe is also lined at 1 litre, however is not CE marked. Product Features: • Decanting carafe • Mate..
Ex Tax:5.90€
Καράφα Γυάλινη Vin 1ltr Καράφα Γυάλινη Vin 1ltr
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Brand: Arcoroc Model: 7561
The Vin Carafe gives you a visually stunning wine vessel that instantly enhances any table setting. Perfect for decanting and serving your favourite tipple, this 1 litre glass carafe is also ideal for other drinks, such as orange juice at the breakfast table. Product Features: • Glass caraf..
Ex Tax:5.00€
Καράφα Γυάλινη Vin 250ml Καράφα Γυάλινη Vin 250ml
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Brand: Arcoroc Model: 12170
The 25cl Vin Carafe is the perfect size for serving an individual helping of red or white wine or other drink. Elegantly shaped with a practical design for professional use, this small carafe looks great at the dinner table with the classic design fitting perfectly with any table setting. Product..
Ex Tax:2.90€
Καράφα Γυάλινη Vin 500ml Καράφα Γυάλινη Vin 500ml
Out Of Stock
Brand: Arcoroc Model: 7560
Perfect for serving a spot of wine for 2, the Vin Carafe holds an unobtrusive 500ml of liquid, making it suitable for a small table setting. Despite the name 'Vin' being French for 'Wine', this jug is suitable for a variety of liquids; if you need some orange juice or milk for breakf..
Ex Tax:3.70€
Καράφα Γυάλινη με Ειδικό Gel που Παγώνει 800ml
Out Of Stock
Brand: Arcoroc Model: 9996
With a freezable liquid stored inside the double walled construction of the ICED Carafe, you can serve chilled drinks for longer at the dinner table. Perfect for a variety of beverages, from milk to juice, to cocktails. Product Features: • Freezable carafe • Material: Acrylic • ..
Ex Tax:33.00€
Καράφα με 4 Wine Sippers 750ml Καράφα με 4 Wine Sippers 750ml
In Stock
Model: 5493
There's more to wine than simply red or white, there are countless different varieties as well as branches of the wine family such as port or sherry. Each different variety has different qualities that can be appreciated in different ways, but the one certainty is always that it must be drunk! ..
Ex Tax:38.62€
Μοντέρνα Γυάλινη Καράφα 1ltr Utopia
Out Of Stock
Brand: Utopia Model: 18188
Perfect for serving water or wine at dining tables, this stunning Cobalt Contemporary Carafe is a simple and modern addition to any table. Made from soda glass, this carafe is perfect for aerating wine whilst adding a splash of colour to dining tables. Product Features: • Decanting carafe w..
Ex Tax:18.25€
Πολυτελής Γυάλινη Καράφα Dante 1.85ltr
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Brand: Utopia Model: 23087
Designed to be paired with the entire Dante collection, this Dante Jug brings a truly vintage touch to any table setting. Featuring a unique cut-glass diamond effect and timeless design, this serving jug is perfect for a distinctive drinks service in restaurants, bars or fine dining at home. Made..
Ex Tax:65.97€
Ποτήρι Κρασιού - Μπουκάλι 750ml Ποτήρι Κρασιού - Μπουκάλι 750ml
Out Of Stock
Model: 12961
There's no need to go back for a top-up, as the Wine Bottle Glass fits a whole 75cl bottle of wine! Shaped like a wine bottle with a wine glass top, this 75cl glass is perfect for your favourite white, red or rosé wine. The text on this glass says it all; "Finally! A wine glass that ..
Ex Tax:43.00€
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