Beer Pong Set με Διάφανα Ποτήρια

Beer Pong Set με Διάφανα Ποτήρια ( Drinking Games & Gadgets )

Beer Pong Set με Διάφανα Ποτήρια ( Drinking Games & Gadgets )
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Beer Pong Set με Διάφανα Ποτήρια

Woop! Yeah! Woo! These are the sort of noises you will usually hear coming from an American university 'frat house' stacked to the rafters with students and alcohol! As well as noisy exclamations of excitement, you will probably find people playing the new game, Beer Pong!

The latest craze among hard-drinking fun-seeking Americans is so easy to play, and is probably the only game that you will want to lose! It's easy; simply find a table and place 6 cups filled with beer at either end. Each of the 2 contestants takes one of the ping pong balls and takes it in turns to throw their ball at the opponent's cups. If the opponent's ball lands in one of your cups then you 'lose' and have to consume the contents!

It's time to follow the USA's example - wet your balls and get ready for a fun filled evening of alcohol fuelled antics!

Of course, you don't have to use this Beer Pong set with alcohol, you can fill the cups with anything you like! Fill them up with some fizzy pop and see who can hold off burping the longest!
The act of getting the ping pong ball into the cup is a skill in itself - maybe you could work on your shooting skills and work out some cool tricks!

Product Features:
• Beer pong set
• The latest drinking craze
• Popular among students
• Easy to play
• Easy to lose!
• Perfect way to get the party started
• Gift boxed

Ύψος Ποτήρια: 25mm
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